Who Are We

Boston University International Affairs Association

The International Relations Review is a branch of the Boston University International Affairs Association (BUIAA). BUIAA is an academic society focused on bringing a global perspective to the social sciences. Through encouraging and promoting diplomacy, dialogue, and the understanding different cultures, it is one of the largest and most active student groups on campus, providing members with unparallelled opportunities to get involved on campus and internationally.

As early as 1973, the organization began as a Model United Nations Association, but the last decade has redefined what is now called BUIAA. From a small, dedicated group of  internationally minded individuals wanting to debate current issues, membership has now reached over 200 students.

In 2001, BUIAA began hosting BosMUN, a high school Model United Nations Conference drawing high school delegates from all over the world, including China, Panama, Canada, India, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia and Hungary. Six years later, in 2007, BUIAA held its inaugural collegiate conference, the BarMUN Simulation for college delegates. To learn more about BUIAA, weekly meetings and annual events, check out their website.

The International Relations Review

When The International Relations Review was founded in 2009, its staff envisioned it becoming a forum for intellectual discourse about pertinent issues in the international community. Today, it is a well-established academic publication that releases print editions seasonally and online content year-round.

The IR Review continues to grow with every semester, with help from dedicated staff members and the insightful students who have submitted their work.

Get to know the IR Review. You’ll find blog posts from our staff, online articles and our archives on the website. Check out our content, look through our archives or learn about how to submit to the IR Review by reading below.

What gets published in the IR Review?

The IR Review publishes essays, articles, photographs and graphics for online and print, submitted by students.

As a subsidiary of the Boston University International Affairs Association, an undergraduate student group, the IR Review can only publish the work of BU undergraduates in the print edition. However, our online content also includes work from graduate and doctorate students, including BU faculty, staff and alumni.

Why submit?

The IR Review is available in the Library of Congress and EBSCO Publishing. Your work would be featured among millions of published scholarly and exemplary work. Not to mention that it would be read and admired by fellow BU students.

When are submissions are accepted?

Submissions are accepted year-round, though the print edition is published at least once per semester. Articles and essays featured in the print edition are also published on the website.

Overall, the IR Review website is updated on a regular basis including full-length online articles and weekly blog posts. If your piece is selected for the website, you will receive an email notification before it is published.

Contact Us

As students, our schedules vary drastically. The best way to contact us would be to email us at irr@buiaa.org and one of our editors will promptly reply to any questions, queries or submissions! Also be sure to check us out on Facebook, follow our Twitter or tweet at us using our handle or the hashtag #IRR or follow us on Instagram.

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