Editorial Board

Anushka Pinto, Editor-in-Chief


Anushka is presently a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS’17) and pursing a degree in International Relations.With an interest in writing and design, her role in the publication includes editing submissions and contributing to the layout. Her academic interests include war history, especially the Second World War, and Chinese language studies. Having studied four semesters of Chinese, Anushka hopes to fully immerse herself in the Chinese language and culture. She can be reached at irr@buiaa.org

Morgan Peterson, Editor-in-Chief


Morgan is a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying International Relations and Spanish Language. Her academic interests include the intersection of water infrastructure, massive infrastructure and gender policy internationally, with specific attention to Latin America. Having spent extensive time abroad, she has a passion for traveling and experiencing the world’s diverse cultures. In her free time Morgan can be found reading, painting or exploring the streets of Boston. She can be reached at irr@buiaa.org.

 Desmond Molloy, Senior Staff Writer


Desmond Molloy (SAR ’19) is a Sophomore originally from southern Maine. He has always been interested in current events, and grew to love international affairs as a four-year member of his high school debate team. He enjoys reading, swimming, and the Dropkick Murphys.

  Ellen Gilley, Photography Editor/ Interviewer


Ellen is a Senior studying International Relations in the Pardee School of Global Studies. After transferring from Seattle, Washington, she is enjoying getting involved on campus with the various International Relations organizations such as Model United Nations and the IR Review. Her goal is to become a diplomat building international consensus on issues like global governance, human rights, and the environment. Outside of school, Ellen enjoys traveling, reading, and advocating for women’s rights.

 Maddie Ferrill, Senior Layout Editor


Madeleine is a Sophomore studying International Relations with a focus in Latin America. She has a special interest in poverty and community development. She is excited to study abroad and hopes to live abroad someday.

 Madeline Van Heusden, Senior Copy/Layout Editor


Madeline is a Senior studying International Relations from Michigan. As a recent transfer student, she enjoys exploring the Boston area and attempting to navigate the T. She has an interest in business, human rights and gender issues. In her free time, Madeline enjoys reading, planning road trips, taking long walks, trying new foods and spending time with friends. She is an avid traveler and her favorite trip to date was a six week backpacking trip in India.

Clara Soares Bezerra, Senior  Staff Writer


Clara Bezerra, an International Relations major, was born in Bahia, Brazil, and attended international school from the age of two. In this international context she came to be interested in understanding how cultural clashes within her immediate international community related to diplomatic issues in the field of international studies. Maria Clara came to the university to broaden her horizons and pursue her studies in IR in the cosmopolitan context of Boston. She plans to return to Brazil after graduation to apply her training in international studies in support of the struggle for rights of women and minorities in Latin America.

   Gowtham Ashokan, REACT News Anchor

Gowtham Ashokan
is a Sophomore majoring in Computer engineering. His academic interests include: political science, computer programming, and quantum physics. Being brought up in Turkey in an Indian background gave Gowtham a unique perspective on Turkey’s current affairs and its surroundings. Gowtham is fluent in Turkish, Tamil, and English. His hobbies include: playing chess, basketball, and video games. He hopes to work in the software industry and help the growth of underdeveloped countries.

Josee Matela, Layout Editor


Josee is a freshman pursuing degree in broadcast journalism with a concentration on international relations. With that course of study, Josee hopes to prepare herself to tell the world’s stories and she is thankful that the IR Review gives her the chance to do that. Her academic interests include writing, history, and politics. She loves singing, going on adventures, and laughing until her sides hurt. Ultimately, she hopes to give back to a world that has already given her so much.

 Samira Jafar, Staff Writer


Samira is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a degree in English. Her academic interests include international relations, creative writing, and women’s studies. Having grown up in Kuwait, she enjoys learning new things about life in America and exploring different cultures. She is extremely passionate about literature, traveling, and volunteering in her community. In her free time, she enjoys reading and taking walks around Boston.

Jessica DellAquila, Copy Editor


Jessica is a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Political Science and completing the BA/MA program in Spanish Language and Literature. Her interest in international affairs stems from her passion for learning the Spanish language. In Fall 2015, she studied abroad in Madrid where she improved her fluency, interned for an international nonprofit organization, and traveled throughout parts of Spain and Europe. Her academic interests include U.S. immigration policy, bilingual education, and international security systems. Outside of class, Jessica has a strong passion for power lifting and fitness.

Morgan Cope, Copy Editor


Morgan Cope is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying International Relations with a concentration in International Systems and World Order. She truly realized her passion for exploring different cultures and lifestyles when she lived with a family in Dublin, Ireland and hopes to someday live abroad again. She loves meeting new people and hearing their experiences and stories. In her free time, Morgan enjoys singing along to throwback songs with her friends and adventuring around Boston to find delicious food.

Cecilia de Almeida, Blog Writer


Cecilia de Almeida is a sophomore in CAS studying international relations and economics. Being born in Sao Paulo, Brazil she has always been interested in the role intergovernmental organizations plays in the field of foreign affairs as well as understanding how domestic policy is capable of g affecting the dynamics between different nation states. She is particularly interested in Latin American domestic economic policy and development, as well as women’s rights pretty much anywhere. She can be found reading on the BU Beach (during the summer months) or studying in Mugar (she pretty much lives there, so don’t hesitate to drop by for a visit).

Jennifer Gonzales, Copy Editor


Jennifer, a bilingual Peruvian-American, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a Sophomore studying International Relations and English. Her academic interests include Foreign Policy and Security Studies. She completed her first study abroad in London, England this past summer.  However, she intends to go abroad her Junior year to continue her study of international relations. In her spare time, she enjoys writing creative fiction, spinning, and traveling.

 Ines Boussebaa, Senior Staff Writer


 Ines is a senior studying International Relations and Journalism. She was born in Paris, France and has lived in the US and the Netherlands, leading to an interest in different cultures. She hopes to continue moving around the world, hopefully working for a really cool newspaper and eventually going to law school. In her spare time she likes to travel, read, eat good food and hang out with friends.

Sophie Shanshory, Senior Copy Editor


Sophie is a senior studying International Relations and Economics and pursuing a minor in Public Health. She takes an interest in issues of poverty as well as human rights and hopes to one day do work that combines the two fields. Her IR regional focus on the Middle East will bring her to Istanbul, Turkey, in the spring of 2016 and she cannot wait to learn more about the city’s vibrant and conquest-filled history. Sophie enjoys running, reading, eating tiramisu, and getting emotional over works of art.

Mairin McQueen, REACT News Tech


Mairin is a freshman in the College of Communication studying Film and Television and seeking a Dual Degree in Political Science. She is from Los Angeles, California, and is interested in Political Communications and Media. She aims to use videography to effectively spread messages of politics, whether through campaigns for office, journalism, or public relations. Outside of her academics, Mairin enjoys travel, exploring the outdoors, making videos, and spending time with her pets.