Sixty-one percent of our generation gets our news from social media sources. And how we take in this media (article, podcast, video) is ever-changing and ever-diversifying. We, the “Millennials” are the biggest generation of young people this world has ever seen, and with so much technology and social media at our fingertips, we are also the most aware, and in many ways the most empowered. Some would even argue that we have a responsibility to be aware, and put this awareness to use. So it made sense that it was time for BUIAA and the IR Review to evolve and digitize, in order to bring our audience a fresh perspective.

“REACT” stands for “responding,” “empowering,” “acting,” “celebrating,” and “transforming.” The goal, like any news outlet, is to raise awareness about and encourage people to take action against local and global issues. However, unlike most mainstream news outlets, we want to turn away from the typical morose tone of news by incorporating the voices of those who are doing incredible things in the world – from the United Nations and Ambassadors to activists and nonprofit leaders, to young people right here at Boston University.

We at REACT News believe that it’s about more than reporting what’s going on in the world – it’s about reacting to it. The ultimate goal of REACT News is to inspire a dialogue among college students about foreign affairs and their ever-changing nature. Change begins with awareness, and awareness begins with understanding an issue from all of its angles – so we bring to the screen a variety of perspectives in an attempt to tackle the biggest issues that our world faces today – in under ten minutes. We recognize the difficulty in discussing multi-faceted issues such as global poverty, thus our goal at REACT News is to start the conversation and to share with others new information. In the past we have aired episodes such as (link)the Indian farmer crisis and (link)the issue of urban refugees in Jordan. We have also interviewed (link)UN and U.S. Ambassadors and the (link soon)globally acclaimed singer Matisyahu.

REACT News airs twice a month – you can find our episodes on the International Relations Review website or on Facebook at Boston University International Affairs Association. If you are interested in joining our team, taking part in an episode, or topic suggestion, please contact us at reactnewsbu@gmail.com.