Frequently Asked Questions 


When is the submission deadline?

The submission deadlines change each semester. Usually, the submission window is from the start of the semester to mid semester. For the Fall 2016 issue, submissions are due on October 14th.

What kind of pieces does the IR Review publish?

The IRR publishes essays, opinion pieces, research pieces, and briefings. Briefings are shorter pieces that summarize a topic usually relating to a current event. For more information click here. We do not accept any historical pieces and we have the right determine if a piece is too historical.

Which pieces need to have citations?

All pieces should be submitted with citations. We expect that all pieces are factually based and therefore should give credit to sources that you use to write your piece. All citations should be in Chicago Style format. Please use end notes instead of footnotes.

Who can submit pieces to the IRR?

All Boston University undergraduate students are welcome to submit pieces for publication. At this time we are not accepting submissions from Boston University graduate students or students outside of the University.

Is it guaranteed that my piece will be published?

The IRR reserves the right to reject any pieces that are not up to the standards of the publication. The number of submissions usually exceeds the amount of space available in the print edition.

I don’t like to write, can I submit photos?

Yes! The IRR accepts photos taken by Boston University undergraduate students. The photos must have been taken by a current student, but does not have to necessarily be taken during your time at BU. For example if you took a photo in high school you can submit it. We are looking for photos from around the world with subjects including government buildings, indigenous cultures, cultural events, street art, scenery, popular landmarks, religious buildings and any photos you think would be suitable for the IRR. Please do not send selfies, group photos, blurry photos or photos that are not yours.

How do I submit photos and written pieces?

Please email written pieces in a word document with the title of your piece on the top of the document. The email must include your full name, school and class year. Photo submissions should be sent in high quality resolution with your full name, school and class year enclosed in the email.

Staff Application

When is the application deadline?

For 2016-2017 staff hiring, the application deadline is September 1st.

What is the application process like?

Applicants have to fill out a short online form that can be found here. Those who are interested in becoming a writer, blog writer, and copy editor must send in a writing sample upon request. Once the application is reviewed, applicants will be invited to come in for an interview. Shortly after, decisions are released.

What kind of writing sample should I send in? 

The purpose of the writing sample is to show your writing and editing skills. You’ll want to submit a piece that adequately shows your strengths. You can send in a paper you wrote for a class which you feel you did well on or pieces you wrote for an internship. Even works you have written for fun are acceptable as long as it shows your abilities as a writer and editor. Please keep all samples under 1000 words. If it exceeds this length please cut it down.

What is the interview like? Do I need to bring anything?

The interview is a 15 minute meeting with the Editors-in-Chief. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you as a person. The IRR aims to hire dedicated and motivated staff and the interview round aims to uncover those who are passionate about what we do. You do not need to bring anything to the interview.

Which positions are open?

Each semester the IRR has vacancies in different positions. Our staff is comprised of copy editors, layout editors, writers, blog writers, REACT News techs, and photo editors. Please check out our Facebook page for updates on position vacancies.

What is the time commitment like for staff members?

Staff members must attend weekly meetings that usually last an hour on Tuesday nights. Additionally, editors must edit pieces on their own time and blog writers and writers must write their pieces on their own time as well. The position is medium commitment ranging from a 1-3 hour average commitment a week.

Is the position paid?

The IRR is an undergraduate organization at BU and is comprised of volunteer based positions only. Compensation is against the rules of the Student Activities Office under which the publication is funded.

If I am not selected for a position, can I still get involved somehow?

Yes! The IRR highly encourages applicants who were not offered a position to submit a piece for publication.